Photgraphic Weekend Away - Baynesfield - 24,25,26 Aug 2012

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Notice for Outing - Baynesfield Weekend Away - 24, 25, 26 August 2012

Hi everyone


We plan to spend the weekend away from the hustle and bustle, and immersing ourselves in nature and photography. The aim is to take part in fun photographic activities like painting with light and shooting star trails, while also shooting in and around Baynesfield. This will be a photography indulgent weekend, where we can share and exchange ideas and creativity.

About the weekend:
We would like to take advantage of being out in the ‘bundus’ and enjoy nature. In the evenings the almost 100% darkness will provide excellent opportunities for us to ‘paint with light’ and as a highlight, try to shoot star trails. We will also have full access to the Baynesfield house and surroundings, for us to shoot whatever we like. At the fairs, we can’t fully enjoy the photographic opportunities.

We have secured full access to Baynesfield for Saturday morning.

Photographic activities planned:
We have put together an itinerary of what we anticipate doing. You are more than welcome to participate, or to do your own thing, as long as its taking photos!

  • Friday evening – star trails
  • Sat – sunrise at Dawnview
  • Sat morning – Baynesfield open house for HCC
  • Sat afternoon and sunset – sunset at the Mondi dam
  • Sat evening – painting with light
  • Sunday am – sunrise
  • Sunday – Free day. Cliffs, forests, people photography in near by Richmond

The main genres of photography covered are:

Landscape, Macro, Portrait (if you can get a willing subject), Night shooting.
Star Trails – Friday evening

With the near to 100% darkness, we should be able to achieve something similar to these shots. Bring extra batteries.

Painting with Light - Saturday evening:

Equipment to bring – camera, tripod, torch, light filters:

Mondi Dam:

We are staying in an area filled with Mondi forests, which provide for very scenic views. There is a nearby dam which we have organised permission from Mondi to shoot. We will spend the late afternoon exploring the dam, and then shoot the sunset. We plan to have sun downers while watching and shooting the sunset.

Where we will be staying:

Dawnview Christian Camp is a recreation camp set in the picturesque hills of the Baynesfield area. It is aptly named, as the sunrises over the camp are awesome. There is a pretty tree lined avenue, which should provide us with something to shoot, along with all the other plant life in the Camp.

  • It is 50 minutes away from Hillcrest, so is relatively close to home, and not a long drive. The roads are good up to Baynesfield, after that they are sand roads with some potholes. 4x4’s and cars with higher clearance are encouraged.
  • Accommodation is dormitory style, with attached bathrooms to most dorms. Sheets are provided, but bring your own pillows and duvets. Depending on numbers, we will allocate sleeping arrangements; otherwise we’ll leave it up to you.
  • The weekend will be fully catered, so we won’t have to worry about making meals, rushing to restaurants or washing dishes!
  • COST: R200 a night, R400 for the weekend.
  • Includes ALL meals (Friday dinner, Sat breakfast, lunch and dinner, Sunday breakfast and lunch). We are allowed to bring extra food and drinks, if needed. It is going to be cold, so Old Brown Sherry is recommended!
  • There is going to be a bonfire for us to gather around in the evenings, which will not only keep us warm, but should provide for stunning photos.
  • There is a hall where we can gather, and look at each other’s photos. If we can set it up, we will have some Photoshop sessions, with adhoc editing sessions.

Cost: R200 per person, a night, R400 per person for the weekend. Pay by EFT.
Meals included. Bring own duvet, and pillows.
Dates: 24, 25, 26 August 2012 (Friday afternoon to Sunday lunch)
Payment Deadline: 31 July 2012
Pay early to secure your booking!
Use your name and HCC Aug Outing as the reference.
FNB, Musgrave Road, Branch code: 221126, Account Number: 62339691273, Account name: V Cracknell

  • You are free to stay one night only , but are encouraged to stay the whole weekend.
  • You are not obligated to participate in all the activities, and can choose what you want to do.
  • Please note, as this will be a photography indulgent weekend, we ask that no children or non-photography partners are to attend.
  • Please book and pay soon.

Here's to an exciting, photography filled weekend!

If you have any queries, please email
Yvonne or  Vanessa .
See you there!
Vanessa and Yvonne

See you there! 


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