Queen Mary 2 entering Durban Harbour 29 January 2012

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Hi everyone

We have been informed that the Queen Mary 2 cruise liner will be entering the Durban Harbour on Sunday morning. It is a magnificent ship and will make for a great photographic opportunity that all of our club members must take advantage of.

It was initially going to be here this morning, but its departure from Cape Town was delayed due to bad weather. It should arrive at about 6am, but you must try to be there around 5am. Remember that it may arrive early and it usually attracts a huge crowd, so parking may be a problem. The North Pier at the harbour entrance will be open to the public which will allow you to get very close for some detail shots.

Ideas for photos:
1) A close-up, wide angle shot from the north pier will exaggerate the size of the ship.
2) People in the foreground can add interest to the photo especially if they are very animated.
3) If you stand further away and shoot with a long zoom lens, you can better capture the proportions of the ship. If people in the photo are close to the ship, they will look tiny in comparison.

Remember your tripod and some sunblock!!

Date:Sunday, 29 January 2012
Arrival Time: Approximately 6am
Departure Time: Approximately 6pm (Check online for any changes)
1) If you shoot from the Moyo Pier, then park at Parking B next to uShaka. If you want to get closer, you can walk further South along the beach.
2) If you want to shoot from the north pier at the Durban Harbour entrance, then drive to the end of Mahatma Ghandi Road (old Point Road) and park close to the Ski-Boat Club at the traffic circle. From there it is a short walk to the pier.

See you there and have a great Shoot!!

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