Tala Outing Reminder - Sunday 28 August 2011

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Hi All

We just need to remind everyone about the outing. Please note that the breakfast meet up time has changed. Due to the rains, there are some roads that have been affected and should be avoided.  See below for details.

Have fun!!

Club Outing - Tala Game Reserve - SUNDAY 28 Aug 2011

Photos of Tala, by John Thacks

You are welcome to shoot where ever you wish throughout the reserve. The early morning shots are usually taken around the dam, from the hides. Feel free to drive around and look for some interesting shots.

Breakfast - We will meet for breakfast around 10am to 10:30am and there will be scottles available where you can prepare your food. Everyone is welcome to come around for a chat and compare notes.

We have arranged a discounted entry fee for club members, but we have to meet at the gate at 5:45am to enter together at 6am. Anybody that arrives late will be charged the full entrance fee.

"Fancy a quick nibble, Doris?"     by John Thacks

Here are a few tips to help you along the way:
1. Use a long lens to get in close to your subject.
2. U
nless you need everything to be in focus, try to use a wide aperture (around F2.8 to F5.6) to isolate your subject.
3. If you are expecting the subject to be in a certain place, pre-focus there to avoid having to wait for your camera to focus. You may miss the moment.
4. Be patient. It usually takes a long time for something to happen in nature. Use the time to set up your camera for the shot and take test shots.
5. Anticipate the action and be ready to capture it. If you don't have time to change your camera settings, use P-mode (Program mode).

Date: Sunday, 28th Aug 2011
Time: 5:45am for 6.00am

Cost: R40 pp and R30 per child under 12. The R50 per vehicle fee has been waved for club members entering with the group. Please note that no cash will be accepted at the gate. They only accept Credit or Debit cards.
Directions: Please click here to open a road map and directions to Tala Game Reserve. Click here to open a road map within the reserve.

******* IMPORTANT! **********
Due to the heavy rains, the roads have been damaged - rocks in the way, or the path is non-existant. Please drive carefully. Consider grabbing lifts with the 4x4 owners.

Areas to avoid:
- The road along the fence at Leadwood Cottages and along the fence going from Grovemore Dams towards the Marula Education Centre.
- Grovemore Drive circling the largest of the Grovemore Dams.

See you there!

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