Notice for Club Meeting - Tuesday 05 June 2012

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Hi everyone

We hope you all enjoyed the Comrades Marathon on 2nd June. The photo above of the fast moving feet was taken by Vanessa Cracknell. 

We are half way through the year and we hope that everybody has enjoyed their time at the club and also their photography. We will do our best to make the second part of the year just as much fun as the first.

Our meetings are back to the first and third Tuesdays of the month so make sure your calendars are up to date.

1. Speaker: Mike Volckman - Composition

Many people have spent years analysing paintings and photographs of the great masters to try and figure out exactly why we are so drawn to them. They have come to understand that there are some compositional rules that can help make a stronger image.

It is a privilege for us to have one of our own club members speak at the club. Mike has been a longstanding member and has produced great photos. His background in architecture will help us to make sense of the rules used in composition and will show us how they can be applied to make a stronger photo.

So come along and see how the rule of thirds, diagonals and different shapes can work for you.

2. Set Subject for June: Texture

describes texture as "the perceived surface quality of a work of art." This means that when you look at a photo, you will be able to recognise and imagine what the surface in the photo will feel like. Is it smooth, soft, hard or coarse? Does it look like the bark of a tree or the folds in a bed sheet?

Your task this month is to photograph texture and make the viewer feel what you are showing them. Although this subject matter works great with macro photography, try zooming out and capture a scene where the texture is the main subject matter, or combine different textures to make it interesting. Side lighting will usually give you the best results.

Play and have fun!!

3. Beginner's Outing: Kloof Gorge

We will have our next Beginner's Outing on Saturday, the 9th of June, at Kloof Gorge. We will send out more details later in the week. If you have any suggestions, then send us an email at

4. Outing for June: Summerveld

Our outing will be on Saturday, the 23th of June to Summerveld where we will be able to capture the horses and the early morning sunrise. Taking photos of the moving horses at dawn is a challenge and you will gain a lot of experience during the outing.

More details to follow...

5. Kiara Lodge outing in May

Some of the club members that went on the Outing to Kiara Lodge have said that they managed to get many great photos during the course of the weekend. In order to showcase as many photos as possible, we have decided to let each person display ten, jumbo sized prints on a board. 

Bring along your boards to the second meeting which will be on the 19th of June 2012. We can't wait to see them all!

6. Canon's Click Magazine

Canon has a magazine called "Click Magazine" that is free to download from their website. There have been a couple of the new members that have not been able to download and open the magazine and John Mayor has kindly sent us some instructions to help everyone with the process.


1.     Go to the address

2.     Click on the last option to download a PDF file and open it when asked to do so.

3.     This creates a ZIP file with the PDF file in it – double-click on the name and the current issue of the magazine will open as a PDF document.

4.     You can now save the document to view it again later by clicking on “File" > "Save as” to save it on your computer.

You will also have access to all of the previous issues from the main webpage. Enjoy the magazine!


 See you at 7PM, Tuesday 05 June 2012!

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