Vega Photography School

Posted by Hillcrest Camera Club on Tuesday, July 13, 2010
Hi all
I recieved an interesting email from Delaine Pillay at Vega Photography School.

They are setting up a Vega Photography Club. They invite all interested photographers to email them to put on their mailing list.

What they say the club will do:
"Our expert lecturer, Lanel Janse Van Vuuren, will spend 30 minutes on a specific topic each month. Thereafter we will have an opportunity to interact, chat and mix, whilst we share our passions around photography. "

When: Every 3rd Thursday of each month
Where: Vega Durban Campus
Time: 5.30pm - 7.30pm
Meetings are free to members.

Please email Delaine at or call her on (031) 266 2595 to book your seat!

It sounds interesting, and as it doesn't clash with our Tuesday meetings, should be well attended by all HCC members! Put your name on the list asap!


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