Workshop - Blending Images - Tues 5th Aug 2014

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Hillcrest Camera Club - Workshop and Demonstration - Tues 5th August 2014


Hi all

1. Demo/Workshop on BLENDING images.

Why dedicate a whole meeting on one technique? In essence, this is the most important post processing you can do. This technique allows you create a balanced, correctly exposed image, out of either a single image, or multiple images.

An extension to this process is creating 'art' by adding texture overlays, or other photos.

Many of you have remarked on Ken Rosling's images, in particular enquiring how he achieved the 'look' in some of his images. He makes use of Photoshop to blend images. This is the technique we will be demonstrating.

Carl Smorenburg will be showing us how to blend according to masked layers.
Gail Crouch will show us how to overlay textures, and to blend into one image.
Ken Rosling's method will be demonstrated.

2. Weekend Away

Fri 22, Sat 23, Sun 24 Aug.

We are adding an exciting LIGHTING WORKSHOP to our weekend's activities! We will be shooting a Salsa dancing demo, using flashes and lights. This will be done on Saturday evening, after dinner. Practice your shooting skills using your flash and studio lights, and see the effect created by shooting moving subjects. It should be great fun!
You can attend for one night only, should you wish to take part in the lighting workshop.

Full Weekend - Fri to Sun - two night's accom, plus six meals @ R400pp
One Night - either Fri or Sat - one night's accom, plus three meals @R200pp

Other activities for the weekend :

  • shooting sunrises, sunsets

  • the cliffs

  • the forest dam

  • exploring the surrounding areas

  • Bonus shoot -  a sawmill farm

  • EXTRA - lighting workshop with a Salsa dancing demo.

Accommodation is in shared dormitories, with some dormitories sleeping six people, some sleeping twenty. The camp can accommodate 200 people, so we usually spread out through the dormitories.
Bring your own bedding and blankets.
There are shared bathrooms and toilets. (All spotlessly clean)
The food is provided for us, and prepared by Matt, a chef by profession. Matt takes extra care to prepare filling and delicious meals for us, as he knows that photography is hungry work.         

Please click here to RSVP and to get banking details for payment. Thanks to those who have paid already.

3. Set Subject for August: Reflections - A Different View

Look at your world through a different medium - what do you see in reflected in windows, glasses, water and shiny surfaces? Its not always a mirror reflection. Take a flip side view of your world, and shoot it!!


See at the meeting Tuesday 5th August 2014 @ 7pm!

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