Workshop - How to shoot with studio lights

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Hillcrest Camera Club - Workshop - Studio Lighting - Tuesday 2nd Sept 2014


Hi all

1. Technical Workshop on Studio Lighting with Geoff Feldon

Join us for a practical workshop, demonstrating the uses of studio lighting, given by Geoff Feldon.


Geoff is a well known Durban photographer, who gives photography courses, workshops on studio use and he has a business selling studio equipment. This will be a perfect opportunity for Hillcrest Camera Club members to meet Geoff! 

We will be shown how to set up studio lights and to shoot portrait shots. Geoff will give a talk and demo on what to do, and then we will be allowed to shoot, under his guidance. 

This is a PRACTICAL workshop - bring your cameras and tripods if you want to shoot! 

 Geoff Feldon

2. Weekend Away - Feedback

"The best HCC weekend away so far!" 
"An amazing experience"

We had a wonderful, activity packed weekend of shooting at Dawnview, the Seele Farm and the Mondi Dam. We ate, shot, slept, and shot again! Thanks to our dancer models, we had a very entertaining evening's shoot of Salsa dancing. 

Special request: Please email your best photos of the Seele Farm and Sawmill to be collated and sent to Liza Seele. She said she would love to see our photos of her farm! 

3. Set Subject for September - Portraits

An old favourite, portrait shooting is both challenging and rewarding. Photograph your subject to show up their character and the essence of their being. No snapshots!! 

Use window light, or make use of your newly acquired studio lighting skills to shoot your models. 


4. Outing - Gondola Shoot

We have been invited to shoot the Point Waterfront Gondolas. We will have exclusive access to the gondolas, to shoot them at sunset and into the evening. We will be allowed to ride the gondolas, while shooting, as well as shoot from the canal. This should be a unique and exciting shooting experience! 
Zulumoon Gondolas 

Please note - this outing is for paid up, participating club members only. 

Date: 20 Sept 2014
Time: 5pm onwards
Venue: Point Waterfront 


See at the meeting Tuesday 5th August 2014 @ 7pm!

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