February "Water" - Slow Shutter speed. Any water - sea, stream, river, waterfall. Must show movement, not frozen. Can be shot at any time of the day. 

 March -  "Night lights, night life" - What can be seen in night lights. People, animals, action. Life as seen at night. What happens at night. 

 April -  "Deck of Cards" Still life scenes, patterns, designs, cards in motion, cards being dealt. "Automotive Love" - Cars - Details, designs, interior, exterior. Moving cars, stationary cars. 

 May - "Autumn Colours" - Either show Autumn happening, or show the colours and shades of Autumn. Make up a still life scene, or shoot a scene occuring. 

 June - "Natural Light Portraits" - shoot a portrait using window light only. People portraits, any age.

July- "Complimentary Colours" - identify and photograph only the two complimentary colours. Can be any scene, any situation, but only show the complimentary colours. 

August - "Automotive Love" - Cars - Details, designs, interior, exterior. Moving cars, stationary cars.

September - "Shadows" - Look for shadows, and how they create patterns, shapes and forms. Either just shoot the shadows, or shoot the whole scene. Can be abstract, or realistic. 

October -"Framing" - Framing makes for a strong composition tool. Look for a frame, and shoot through it, making sure that the subject is still strong and visible. Shoot creatively. 

November - "People At Work" - Environmental portrait - Photograph people while working, or performing an act of work. Either conceptualise a scene, and create it. Or shoot off the cuff. 

December - Your Best Photo of 2017

Members are invited to show case their best, or favourite image for the year. This gives members an opportunity to review their year's work and to choose their best image. They can also choose their favourite image. 

Sometimes we choose a "Best" out of the photos, but as everyone is putting up their best, we are all aready winners!