February - Symmetry

Symmetry occurs where the elements of one side of the photo are perfectly balanced by those that can be found on the other side. Symmetry is a powerful tool that lets you automatically create harmony and a sense of aesthetically pleasing balance and proportion in a photograph. We are surrounded by symmetry, both natural and man-made. It can make for very eye-catching compositions, particularly in situations where they are not expected. A great way to use symmetry is to break the symmetry in some way, introducing tension and a focal point to the scene.

 March - Garden Wildlife 

For many of us, our garden is the first point of contact we have with wildlife. There is a myriad of creatures and species to photograph, you just need to look! Insects, spiders, frogs, snakes, birds and monkeys are common residents in our gardens. Focusing on the small things can be great fun when working in the garden. Even some of the most common species can be the subject of excellent images. Once you start to delve a little deeper, it will quickly become apparent just how photographically fruitful your garden can be. Remember Patience and Creativity is Key! For this subject, no humans, or domestic animals are allowed, has to be wildlife. 

 April - Cityscapes

Urban landscapes. The city and its buildings and skyline become the subject. Shoot from any angle or vantage point. Shoot at any time, but sunrise and sunset are the best times. Look for strong lines and shapes. Compose carefully and include only what is necessary. Make Durban city look beautiful!

 May- Low or High Key 

 Low and high key photography are two means of lighting a scene in photography. We want you to explore both ways of lighting, and take photos depicting the effects. Show your best photo, which can be either low key or high key. 

June - Saying or Proverb

Match your photo to your favourite saying or proverb. You will be required to create a photo scene that depicts your saying, and matches the feeling or vibe evoked by the saying. Choose a saying. Create a still life scene, or capture a scene in nature or life. In post editing, add the saying or proverb onto the photo in text, so that we can see the context visually. You can shoot any subject, as long as it matches your saying. 
July - In The Style Of...

This popular set subject is back! Explore the works of a photographer, and analyse what makes their photos good (or bad). Emulate or copy, and create your own version of their photos. Learn another style of photography by shooting in the style of another photographer. Select a photographer.

August - Street Photography- Grunge

Street photography is documenting everyday life and the people in it. It can be 'on the street' but can also include other scenarios where people gather. For this set subject you will be required to look at 'grunge' and shoot whatever that word means to you. This is a great genre of photography that requires you to observe and capture people, and life, in a candid fashion, living life. Can include or exclude people. 

September - Past it’s sell by date. 

An object, building or space that has ‘past it’s sell by date’ or past it’s time. No longer used, or no longer of value. An abandoned building, or a child’s toy no longer used. Can be interpreted broadly, but the age of the subject should be clear and obvious. No people or pets. (Only inanimate objects no people or pets) 

October - A Single Theme- Dominant Subject

Dominant Subject. It is usual for a photo have many elements, but in this set subject, there should be one dominant subject. It can be either  colour, or shape or texture. Decide on one. It has to be dominant or take up a big part of a scene, and thus create drama or strongly tell a story. 

November - Shadow and Subject

The shadow and it's subject can make an intriguing photo. Look for interesting shadows, and include the reason or subject of the shadow. It is not as simple as it seems. 

December - Your Best Photo of 2019

Members are invited to showcase their best, or favourite image for the year. This gives members an opportunity to review their year's work and to choose their best image. They can also choose their favourite image. 

Sometimes we choose a "Best" out of the photos, but as everyone is putting up their best, we are all already winners!