February - Repeating Elements and Patterns

When you repeat a certain size, or shape or colour you add strength to the overall image. Repetition is a basic concept in the world of art. If you want to make a statement, you repeat certain elements again and again. If you repeat something once or twice it becomes more interesting. If you repeat something many times it becomes a pattern and takes on a life of its own.

Factors that contribute to repetition and pattern:

  • Shapes. Shapes are everywhere…circles, triangles, squares and other geometric shapes all found in one form or the other around us.
  • Colours. Even if the objects being repeated are not the same shape, the same colour can unite them.
  • Lines. Repeating lines help capture the viewer’s attention. Parallel lines are comforting to the eyes. Vertical lines signify calmness and balance. Horizontal ones indicate motion and vibrancy.

 March -  Dramatic Landscapes

 April -  Blurred Action

This is defined as capturing action, where the blur either shows the motion, or defines the direction or kind of motion. The subject can be blurred and in motion, or it can be seen to be still, where the background is in motion. Typically this achieved by panning. However, there are other ways to depict motion. 

 May - Photo Essay

The Photo essay is one of the most effective ways for photographers to tell stories.  You will be required to conceptualize a story, and put together images that support the story line.  Your images need to be PRINTED out, and presented on a board, so make sure that you have enough time!  

The Country Doctor


 June - Reflections

 Look for reflections in glass, water and other reflective surfaces. Look for the patterns and designs that are made, and the depth created to a normal image by including the reflection. 

July - Black and White

This is an interesting set subject – not as simple just converting from colour to B&W. Apply your eye, and composition techniques to seeing the scene in black and white. Contrast plays a huge role, as well as strong composition. B&W adds drama, and also enhances texture in an image.

August - Still life, for a commercial or advert

September - Diagonals and leading lines

October -Creative Light Effects

November - People at Play

December - Your Best Photo of 2016

Members are invited to show case their best, or favourite image for the year. This gives members an opportunity to review their year's work and to choose their best image. They can also choose their favourite image. 

Sometimes we choose a "Best" out of the photos, but as everyone is putting up their best, we are all aready winners!