Once a month we venture forth in Durban and its surrounds, on a photographic outing.

Depending on the outing, it could be an early morning session on the beach, to get the sunrise over the sea. Or a night shoot on top of one of Durban's tallest buildings.

There is normally a meal involved - we affectionately call ourselves 'The Eating Club with a Camera Problem', as we usually organise outings around meal of some kind. Taking photos can be hungry work!

Members are strongly encouraged to attend the outings, as the are the perfect way to learn from others, either by watching what they do, or by asking questions.

Check the schedule for details. 

Set Subject

Each month a new set subject is chosen. The purpose of taking photos to a set subject is to be challenged and to try something different or new. This year the subjects are all movie titles, which should help make the interpretation of the themes even more challenging, and hopefully exciting! 

2010 Set Subjects:
Feb - On The Waterfront
Mar - Fly Away Home
April - Pretty Woman
May - The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
June - Are We There Yet?
July - Step-Up The Streets
Aug - Top Gun
Sept - We Own The Night
Oct - Traffic
Nov - How Green Is My Valley
Dec - The DaVinci Code