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 Tutorials by Club Members

Canon Click Magazine

1.     Go to the address

2.     Click on the last option to download a PDF file and open it when asked to do so.

3.     This creates a ZIP file with the PDF file in it – double-click on the name and the current issue of the magazine will open as a PDF document.

4.     You can now save the document to view it again later by clicking on “File" > "Save as” to save it on your computer.

Club Speakers


Shane Doyle spoke in November 2010.

He gave a talk on Selling Stock Photos.

Selling Stock Photos by Shane Doyle.pdf Selling Stock Photos by Shane Doyle.pdf
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Club Speakers

Jaco Tredoux spoke in May 2011. He gave a talk on 360 degree Panorama shooting.

RC HELICAM is based in Pietermaritzburg and specializes in Aerial 360 Virtual Tours and Aerial HD Action Video, taken with remote controlled helicopters. We also offer the services of aerial photography and conventional 360 virtual tours.

Jonty Peters of Help Portrait.