1. Go to http://www.photovaultonline.com

2. Click Register.

3. Next to “Login ID” make up a name for yourself.

4. Enter a password (twice) for yourself.

5. Next to “Account Type” choose “I want to register myself”.

6. Enter your names (ignore "Group Name").

7. Enter your email address.

8. Enter your phone numbers.

9. Choose your country.

10. Make up a security question and answer for yourself (in case you forget your password.

11. Tick the box "I'm not a robot". 

12. Click Register.

13. Wait for an email from Photo Vault. Click the link inside the email to confirm.

14. When your registration is confirmed, you are now ready to login to Photo Vault.

15. Login to Photo Vault using the “Login ID” and the password you chose.

16. Click My Clubs.

17. Click Join a Club.

18. Find “Hillcrest Camera Club” and click “Request Join” next to it.

19. Send a Whatsapp message to 082 488 4534 (Chairlady Leigh) to request photo vault acceptance. Wait for us to accept your request. This may happen after hours of work day.  (If you have not heard back from Leigh, please email Fiona at fionaazzopardi1@gmail.com to resolve.)