HOW TO Upload a photo to VAULT

1. Before you begin, your photo needs to be resized. Maximum 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high – either the width must be 1920 or the height 1080. No bigger than 2mb.

2. Login.

3. Click My Photo Vault.

4. Click Upload New Photo. Make sure you select Photo Size Model “HD”.

5. In the line headed Select Photo click on the browse button to find your image on your computer. Locate your image, select it and click Open. 

6. In the line headed Title, type the name you want this image to be called in Photo Vault.

7. Click Submit at the bottom of the window.

8. If you have done everything correctly, your image will appear in Photo Vault and you will have the opportunity to add tags to it to use for searching in future.  You don't need to do this if you don't want to.

9. Click on either Back to List to view your library or Upload New Photo to add another photo.

How to Submit a Photo in your Vault for a Competition

1. Before you begin, your photo needs to be uploaded into your Photo Vault.

2. Go to My Clubs

3. Select My Club Entries.

4. In this window you will see the event name, for example, Monthly Club Competition, with the closing date for entries and an action column.  Under the action column, select Enter Here.

5. You will see the rules for the event displayed and be asked the number of categories you are entering images into. Enter the number of categories you wish to enter. 

6. Under the Terms and Conditions heading, select the "I am familiar and agree to the terms and conditions of this event" option, and click on the Save Details and Continue to Photos button.

7. The page is headed My Entry for Hillcrest Camera club Monthly competition.

8. Go to the category you wish to enter, example Open and click on it. 

9. Your photo vault library will be available to select an image from. Click on the image you want and it is posted to your entry window. Repeat for all your entries.

10. When you have done all your entries, click on the Back to My Entry Overview line.

11. The table of your submissions for the monthly competition are available to review. 

12. If they are now correct and you are happy, click the Finalise My Entry button.

13. Log out of photo vault. 

14.  You will receive an email from photo vault confirming your entry.